We offer a wide range of ground freight solutions at competitive prices, guaranteed to get your freight where it needs to be, when it needs to be delivered.

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Our carriers reach more than 300 destinations through air, therefore providing you the best global coverage. Air freight services have faster delivery times than other modes, with the option to track the movement of cargo.

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Competitively priced international parcel delivery service — with domestic courier service also available.

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Our warehouse storage and distribution services are scalable for any size industrial operation small, medium, and large enterprises will benefit from the reliability of our warehousing and distribution software.

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"SGLS, Inc. has been my go-to for transportation services from the cross-town courier to international air charters. We have done business together for many years, and the service they have provided has been second to none. I highly recommend SGLS to anyone, anytime.”–Tracy Bailey, Norgren Automation Solutions

SGLS, Inc. is straight forward and reliable. I would recommend SGLS to anyone looking to improve their business.”–Bill Knight, Owner, The Expediting Co.

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Daniel S. Hoppe for excess of thirty years. During this extensive period, he has demonstrated characteristics that are valued by all, regardless of the relationship. Honesty, diligence and perseverance are three characteristics that come to mind regarding the business relationship we have shared, while thoughtfulness, integrity and loyalty are other characteristics Dan has demonstrated as a colleague. –Graham Wilson, Director, NIJEL Computing services

"Thank You  for the excellent service –customer service especially – that you provide me with. Which is why SGLS is our #1 Expeditors!" Patricia M Lentine, Warren Screw Products